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Visualize and present by zooming

Lately I have been testing a new presentation tool : “Prezi”

You actually make your whole presentation on one big sheet, but use zooming techniques to shift focus and images etc. This means that your text can be used as a part of the bigger picture whilst zooming out, and when zooming in it might give the content a whole different meaning.

I really like the ability it gives to be more creative when designing a presentation, and also use forms and shapes to underline the headlines.

On the other hand, this sets new demands to preparations before actually making the presentation when it comes to the design of it.

I was about to embed an example of a presentation I have made, but don`t allow Flash embeds.

But here is the link to a presentation I have made – it is in Norwegian, but for you not Norwegian -speaking out there I guess you still get the idea of the tool 🙂

What do u think ?:) Do you like the presentation form ?