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Police and social media


In connection with an assignment we are writing on we want to look into how the Norwegian police can use sosial media to acchive a better dialog and collaboration with the communities. Today there is just some minor attempts on doing this  (a couple of blogs and Facebook pages), and we believe there is a huge potential on this area.

Do you have any examples, own experiences or just good ideas on how this can be done ?

Please leave a comment and share 🙂

5 thoughts on “Police and social media

  1. I think that the Norwegian police, forces and Government should have a Strategy conference about this. I know a lot about this, and I guess there are a lot of others.
    Even if it’s all right to chat about this, it’s even better to meet face to face and discuss this in a structured context.
    But let’s warm up here!


  2. I totally agree with you Per Olav. We should have a talk about that some day soon!:)
    But before that I have to write this assignment.
    So – any immediate thoughts ?:)


  3. This is a good question, I think most police forces are getting involved with this.

    In the UK over the past 8 months we have begun to gett this issue onto the policy agenda btoh by holding two national conferences (the first was so successful we had to hold a second within 6 months). Arising from that was the need to develop some guidance and highlight some case studies, so we created the Engage Guide

    Please feel free to use, adapt and circulate as you wish. (any feedback would be gratefully received).

    In additon we have drafted a policy document for our chief police officers (happy to share via e mail).

    The Engage document is itself a demonstration of the power of social media, we wrote it collaboratively on a wiki – in 15 working day – between 1st and 19th March and published on 31st of March this year).

    Happy to assist in anyway I can


    Digital Engagement Business Advisor
    National Policing Improvement Agency


  4. Thank you so much for your input 🙂

    I think it is an Impressive work you have done in the UK, and we have quite a long way still to go here in Norway. But we see more tendencies to a greater awareness of how this can be used to achieve more dialog between the police and the communities.

    Would be good to hear more about your conferences, – I think we have to something similar here in Norway 🙂



  5. Hi. I am the UK Police lead on social media. I am an assistant chief constable for west midlands police and work with Nick Keane at NPIA to promote the use of web 2.0 in policing. I have just returned from Atlanta USA giving a presentation on this. Contact me if you want to talk. Gordon


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