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The economy in social media

Earlier this week  it was time for the first study collection  at the course  “Technology trends and society development”.

The topics for these two days were divided in two as I see it. The first day addressed general trends in the modern society, special directed towards the use of social media. The second day we learned about different economy models,  with the focus on understanding how the money is generated out of social media.

My interest in social media has always been the use of it within organizations (E2.0), but I found the economy models interesting, because this is a question I have asked, but never found any good answers to.

If we take Twitter for example – how do they make money ?  The focus for now has been how businesses and people can use Twitter to make money. But what about the firm Twitter itselves ?

I understand that the enormous many people using Twitter, and the attention it gets everywhere probably make the company worth a lot, if they were about to sell their business as it is. But what about today ? How do they pay and hire employees, how do they deal with necessary cost they have to pay ?

I don`t see where the money is generated. With no ads anywhere, not selling a physically product and also having a huge user group that uses Twitter from third party applications as Tweetdeck, Seesmic, FriendFeed and so on.

When googling on this topic I cam over a post of David Chartier, who actually had been talking with one of  Twitters founders Evan Williams about how they can make money.  Still, the answers given in that blog doesn’t answer mine  – it is all future ideas and opportunities, – how do they survive today – at this moment ?

So – this topic will be one of those I hope this course will help me understand. Luckily my homework for now was just to find a interesting topic, the answers to it will hopefully be at place until having my exam in may 😉

Unless YOU  have some insight to share with me now ?:)


Sosiale medier – i politiet?

Under er min artikkel som ble publisert i Politiforum, November med tittlen:

“Sosiale medier – et verktøy for økt kunnskapsdeling i politiet ?”


Politiet som kunnskapsorganisasjon

I rapporten ”Politiet mot 2020” (POD, 2008) fremheves kunnskap som en kjernefaktor i politiets virksomhet. Kompetanseutvikling, operativ oppgaveløsning og strategisk planlegging av fokusområder er noen av de feltene hvor kunnskap skal være vår grunnpilar. Virksomheter som har kunnskap og arbeidskraft som en kritisk suksessfaktor for sin verdiskapning kalles en kunnskapsorganisasjon.

I sitt daglige virke opparbeider hver enkelt ansatt en unik kunnskap; det være seg kunnskap om ulike situasjoner man står overfor, lovverk, prosedyrer eller politimetodikk. I hvilken grad forvalter politiet en av sine viktigste ressurser, nemlig den kunnskapen som hver enkelt polititjenestekvinne og -mann besitter?



For å lede en kunnskapsorganisasjon har man tradisjonelt sett mot ledelsesformen ”Knowledge Management”(KM). Gottschalk (2004) definerer kunnskapsledelse som en metodikk drevet frem for å oppnå organisatorisk læring gjennom å fange, samle, skape, dele og anvende kunnskap med den hensikt å skape nye verdier for alle.

Grunntanken i tradisjonell kunnskapsledelse har vært å samle all tilgjengelig kunnskap i databaser for å kategorisere og organisere den til felles nytte.
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Visualize and present by zooming

Lately I have been testing a new presentation tool : “Prezi”

You actually make your whole presentation on one big sheet, but use zooming techniques to shift focus and images etc. This means that your text can be used as a part of the bigger picture whilst zooming out, and when zooming in it might give the content a whole different meaning.

I really like the ability it gives to be more creative when designing a presentation, and also use forms and shapes to underline the headlines.

On the other hand, this sets new demands to preparations before actually making the presentation when it comes to the design of it.

I was about to embed an example of a presentation I have made, but don`t allow Flash embeds.

But here is the link to a presentation I have made – it is in Norwegian, but for you not Norwegian -speaking out there I guess you still get the idea of the tool 🙂

What do u think ?:) Do you like the presentation form ?