Torill Iversen

Om ledelse, IKT og sånt

The search for knowledge

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I have just decided to start studying for a Masters degree at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, with specialization within  “organization, technology and innovation”.

My first courses is : “Strategic program and portfolio management”, “Technology trends and society” and “Collaboration, social networks and IT.”

I am really looking forward to start up again after a half a years break when finishing my bachelors degree. When I started studying whilst working a couple a years ago it was quite challenging, but as time went by it became more of a lifestyle. And now – after a half a year without studying  I felt I missed it.  I miss to discover knowledge – both others, but also my own. And by that I mean the creation of new knowledge – happening when theory and own experiences comes together and creates new thoughts.  And the really good feeling I get when I realize – often without warning  in some situation, that :” hey, I actually learned something !” I cannot remember to have experienced that when I was younger, I just studied to get a job. I  have got a whole new attitude towards learning and creating new thoughts as I have grown up.

And for that reason I am really looking forward to continue to my search for knowledge – existing or the knowledge I am about to create 🙂

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